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And our hardworking team is the heart and soul of Bogart's.


Our mission at Bogart's Doughnut Co. is to make the freshest, most delicious doughnuts you have ever tasted.  We don't make our doughnuts the easy way, but we hope you'll agree that we make them the best possible way.  From our 18 hour brioche dough to our scratch-made glazes, our goal has always been to create the best flavor by letting the quality ingredients shine.  Plus, we produce our doughnuts throughout the day, ensuring that you will always receive the freshest doughnuts possible.  


Owner Anne Rucker is an ex-lawyer with a serious passion for doughnuts. After three seasons selling doughnuts at the Kingfield and Fulton Farmers Markets in Minneapolis, she opened her first brick-and-mortar Bogart's Doughnut Co. in 2014. She is now a full-time small business owner.  Anne lives in Minneapolis with her husband Dave and three daughters Esther, Romy and Maxine.

Meet our Team