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Real ingredients, real simple.

Bogart’s is passionate about simple, fresh and delicious doughnuts. Our menu is small, but our flavors are not. We’re committed to using local, seasonal ingredients when possible, and we’re always adding new flavors. In our cases you can find a variety of raised doughnuts made from a richer, yeastier egg-and-butter brioche dough, as well as cake doughnuts and hand pies.

A baking hobby turned business.

Before Bogart’s, Owner Anne Rucker was an attorney with a baking-and-blogging hobby.

In the summer of 2011, her passion turned into a wildly popular doughnut stand at the Kingfield Farmers Market. After three seasons under her belt, she opened the first brick-and-mortar shop at 36th and Bryant in May 2014. She’s now a full-time doughnut-maker and small business owner and a second Bogart’s location has opened Downtown in Crystal Court inside the IDS Center.

Inspired by her own family, Anne’s vision for Bogart’s has always been a family-friendly shop that offers the convenience of a grab-and-go experience with first-name greetings and friendly service.

Meet our tasty team.

We love making doughnuts, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our hardworking crew. From doughnut makers to counter staff, we’re working together to sweeten your mornings.

Anne Rucker

Founder and Owner

All of the doughnuts are Anne’s own, original recipes. A life-long doughnut enthusiast, she’s been perfecting the menu for years and continues to dream-up new treats. Every day she’s re-inspired by her daughters Esther and Romy.

Dave Merryfield


Co-owner Dave is Anne’s husband and the the numbers guy. He’s busy calculating costs and keeping the accounts in good order so the team can continue making delicious doughnuts.


Operations Leader


Catering Coordinator

Planning a party, reception, wedding or family gathering? Masami helps our doughnut-lovers figure out the party details like how much coffee to bring and the best way to set-up. She’s a passionate people-person and a doughnut enthusiast.


Kitchen Manager


Doughnut Maker


Doughnut Maker








Community Liaison




Social Media





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